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White House 

We hung out in Lafayette Park as the sun set and darkness fell and the RATS came out. 

The White House was more beautiful as the lights came on and the rest of the city faded around it.

The Capitol  building
WWII Memorial

This was breathtaking.  Every water jet had its own light, which made the whole thing look magical.

WWII Memorial Stars

At night, the stars are clearly reflected in the water of the pool below.

The Lincoln Memorial is so awesome.  The lighting makes it even more spectacular.
Lincoln Memorial

National Iwo Jima Memorial Monument

The whole memorial is 78 feet tall, and the guys are like 16 feet tall.  It was raining, and the camera flash made spooky streaks of light on these pictures, but this was a really moving memorial to visit.  It's so out of the way for foot traffic that it took us a nighttime bus tour to finally reach it.
The bus driver talked about how the artist used the Pulitzer prize winning photo of these guys putting up the flag to create this statue.  An that two of the Marines, who survived, did actually model for the statue.
Everyone else was on the bus waiting for us, but we just had to get a shot from every angle.



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