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Bureau of Printing and Engraving I think this is the Bureau of Printing and Engraving with red scaffolding.   I heard that they give away free money on every February 30 ;-)
We saw lots of mounted Park Service Police.  Here is a horse waiting around for his shift to start.
House Where Lincoln Died The house across the street from Ford's Theater.  This is where they brought Lincoln after he was shot.
We think this is Jackson.



                       -- as in Dodson in Jurassic Park


One of the canons near Jackson.
Irish Embassy Irish Embassy.

We passed it while on our way to Woodrow Wilson's house. Don't miss the Woodrow Wilson Museum! It was a real treat, well worth going a bit off the beaten track.

Some other guy. (Maybe THIS  is Jackson.)

Probably the George Washington statue in Washington Circle on our way to the Metro nearest to our hotel.

The Best Western New Hampshire Suites was GREAT. We'd go there again gladly.

Old Executive Building next door to the White House.



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