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The view of the Capitol Building  from the National Mall.
Here is the other side, where we lined up for our 10 AM tour to start.

This was September 20th, the morning of the evening when President Bush addressed the nation from the Capitol.  As we stood in line waiting for the tour, we watched increasing security and other preparations.

Inside the dome.
Look for the brown and white ring of figures depicting important moments in our nation's history.    It looks like a 3 dimensional carving but it is really a painting.
If you look closely at the painting, you can see Thomas Jefferson stepping on John Adams' toes.  The guide said the painter did this to show their relationship.
View across the dome floor.
There are 2 statues for every state somewhere in  the Capitol Building.
The plaque commemorating the location of John Quincy Adams' desk.  Karen made me take this picture cuz he's from that taxing state of Massachusetts.



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