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Tuesday February 24, 2015


Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Fleeing the economic devastation of England's Industrial Revolution, Welsh settlers
immigrated to Argentina in search of cheap land. Led by Viscount Madryn, one group of
settlers sailed for Patagonia, founding the small city of Puerto Madryn in 1865. Life in
Patagonia, however, was not easy. There were lonely prairies, brutally cold winters, and
unrelenting winds. Still the Welsh survived, and today visitors can still see their legacy in
Puerto Madryn and its surrounding communities.

Sunrise and a windy day

Excursion: Dolphins & Sea Lions Safari

The sunrise was gorgeous but the weather was very windy!  We boarded an RIB-a high-capacity Rigid Inflatable Boat and began our search for dolphins and sea lions.  We got to see the sea lions but just a few dolphins.  Still, it was a very exciting, but very drenching, trip.  One of the best parts was that Lou got to act as an interpreter between the Spanish-speaking crew and the guests.

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Bird on our stateroom balcony

This sweet bird seems to have been blown off course and ended up on our balcony. He couldn't fly or really move much at all. We called the front desk and they sent up an "Environmental Engineer" to rescue the dear thing. The crew assured us that the bird was "fine" a few days later. We choose to believe that he is.



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