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We are standing at the back of the Regal Princess, watching the Serenade of the Seas enter the Pedro Miguel Locks.

The Serenade of the Seas had the same itinerary, and we saw her in port after port.  I hate to admit it, but she is much prettier and has much better balconies than the Regal princess.

The Pedro Miguel Locks consists of a single lock, unlike the Gatun Locks which consists of 3 locks.


So here we are at the back of our ship, looking at the gates that are closing behind us.

Takes awhile for things to happen in the canal.  Not a place for impatience.
Whew, finally they are closed!
Now you can see that the water is draining away, and our ship is being lowered.
Here is another mule.
The old Serenade of the Seas again.
Now a lot of water has drained away.
Here is the control tower between the two lanes of the Pedro Miguel Locks.
The gates have opened and we have continued on into the Miraflores Lake.  This man-made lake is a lot smaller than the Gatun Lake.



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