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Gamboa is a town in the middle of the Panama Canal.  Canal workers live here.  This is the center of operations for dredging the canal.  Dredging is a continuous process.  About 4 inches of silt accumulates every year, so they really have to stay on top of it.
This was probably about 11:00 AM.  We had retired to our cabin and Lou was out on our balcony taking pictures.

Of course, we had already gone and had second breakfast like good hobbits.

The guys on all the little boats that passed us waved at us.  I guess the big cruise ships are exciting.  I know we were pretty excited.
In the middle of the picture, you can see the blue, red, and white crane.  There were several really huge cranes.  There are used in dredging.
Big crane!
Again with the big crane.
Big container ship passed us.  They were heading from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  Maybe they were loaded with Nike sneakers headed to New York...
It took awhile for the ship to pass by.
This is the Century Bridge which allows for car traffic.
Century Bridge again.



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