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Karen teaches her parents, Aunt Peggy, and Uncle Bob how to cheat at dominoes.  We really needed Lisa Bender to keep track of all the rules.


We are jammed onto Patsy and Omer's balcony, because they are right across the hall from the laundromat, and Aunt Peg is doing laundry.

After serious thought, Bob, Pat, and Peggy all decide they'd rather be at the buffet than playing this sick game... even though Lou brought them plates of pizza.


After 12 rounds of dominoes and another trip to the buffet, nothing like a relaxing dip in the pool.  To tell the truth, Patsy and Omer never went into the pool once.  They have excellent heated pools at home.
My birthday on a cruise ship.

Swans in the bedroom, with extra chocolates!

And balloons outside the cabin.


Can't have a Christmas cruise without Christmas gifts.

Pat and Omer got Lou a shot glass with a skeleton leaning against a cactus, and the phrase, "But it's a dry heat."

Special music CDs for Omer.
Patsy got a bracelet.
Lou knows how to put a smile on Karen's face.
Lots of love on the ship.

Lots of great outfits, too.  Patsy brought enough clothes for three weeks, and we all enjoyed the fashion show.


Christmas decorations on


the Sapphire Princess

See the velvet rope?  It's to keep us away from the little gingerbread Christmas village, because by God if it is on a table and even vaguely edible, someone will try to eat it.
Santa had center stage, but there was a Nativity there too.
On Christmas Eve, a bunch of crewmembers assembled here and caroled with us passengers.  We had a lot of fun, even singing the totally unfamiliar English Christmas Carols.



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