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Cruise #11 : August 6 - 21, 2007

12 Night Western Europe & British Isles (London roundtrip)

Cruise Itinerary:
Aug 09 South Hampton, England                   05:00PM
Aug 10 Le Havre, France              07:00AM 07:00PM
Aug 11 Zeebrugge, Belgium           08:00AM 06:00PM
Aug 12 AT SEA
Aug 13 Copenhagen, Denmark        08:00AM 05:00PM
Aug 14 Oslo, Norway                    08:00AM 05:00PM
Aug 15 AT SEA
Aug 16 S. Queensferry, Scotland 07:00AM 01:00AM
Aug 17 At Sea
Aug 18 Greenock, Scotland           08:00AM 07:00PM
Aug 19 Dublin, Ireland                  08:00AM 01:00AM
Aug 20 At Sea
Aug 21 South Hampton, England






Grand Princess

Nice ship! (as viewed from the Oslo port)

This crewman walked all over the lifeboat and was very hard to capture on film because the only time he stayed still, he was bent over working on something and hardly visible at all.

Karen took this picture.

Sherrill, our cabin steward, had a good time with us.

We entered our cabin to find the do-not-disturb sign and a trail of toilet paper leading into the bathroom.  Karen got sort of freaked out and thought that someone was in there.

The trail led from the hallway into the bathroom.

As we opened the bathroom door, we found Buttercup on the throne.  Buttercup has tagged along on many cruises, and this might be the most excitement he's ever had.

We got to spend our 15th wedding anniversary on a cruise ship.  It just don't get any better.

Movies under the stars.  A 300 square foot TV hangs at one end of the outside pool area.  You can see the TV from any of 3 decks.  We thought this was a bit cheesy at first, but we sat out one night and watched a movie and loved it.

It got mighty cold but we snuggled under mounds of wool blankets and ate free popcorn and enjoyed it immensely.

One afternoon, we sat in the hot tub and watched a newer James Bond movie.  Actually, because it was so sunny, the picture was hard to see -- so it is more accurate to say that we "listened" to a newer James Bond.


Click here for a 16 meg Quicktime movie of the Atlantic Ocean from the bow of the ship.

The one port where we tendered was South Queensferry.


Cruise Log
Greenock (Glasgow)



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