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The Ship


Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas
Vision of the Seas
  • 75,000 tons
  • 915 feet long
  • 2,400 passengers
  • 784 crew
  • 23 knots cruising speed
  • 2 stabilizers
  • Born 9/5/98
Monkey Every night we retired to our cabin to find a mint chocolate on our pillow and a pink towel transformed into a work of art, like a crab, lobster, rose, etc. 

Here you see a monkey hanging in the middle of our cabin. He was originally wearing Karen's sunglasses, but they fell off and we couldn't get them back on.

Buttercup Karen brought along her new buddy, Buttercup.  Our cabin stewardess enjoyed displaying Buttercup in various positions.

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Centrum The nicest part of the ship was The Centrum, located on the 4th deck (Main deck).  Here you would find the Champagne Lounge filled with comfortable chairs and couches.  A pianist or string quartet played every evening.  The Centrum ceiling was open all the way up to deck 11, so you could look down from any deck (5 through 10).  Karen and I visited this lounge most every evening prior to dinner.
Top of Sea Dragon Hanging down in the middle of the open space in The Centrum was a silver sculpture that can best be described as a delicately twisted sea dragon. 

The sculpture was suspended by wires.  So if you looked closely, you could see the sea dragon move.

Here is the top part of the sea dragon taken from the 8th deck.

Bottom of Sea Dragon Here is the bottom part of the sea dragon.



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