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Dunns River Falls

OK, so call us chicken.

It just looked too risky.

So we climbed the stairs and watched other people climb the falls.

Fall 1

The lush foliage and rushing water really made this a special place, even from the safety of the stairs.

Fall 2

I love this picture. Do you think the woman in the black bikini knows those guys? I hope she at least knows the one with his hands on her butt.

Fall 3

Yup, more people we don't know.

When we got back to the beach, we were SHOCKED to see that our yacht was no longer at the pier! Yikes. But then I realized it had just moved off to let another yacht offload some tourists.

Fall 4

They are waiting to get pushed backwards into a pool of water by their guide.

Fall 5

Very pretty!  But don't count on ever seeing an expanse of the falls empty like this. It was actually jam packed with people. I don't know how Lou got this shot.

Fall 6

Here's my honey!

A local offered to take our picture for us, but friends had warned us that they don't give back your camera till you tip them.

Lou's wearing his Lake Quinault t-shirt. He matched the rock.

Fall 7

Heh heh.

Fall 8



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