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Monday, Jan. 4, 2010

Grenada is called the Isle of Spice because it is the largest spice-producing island in the Western Hemisphere. Our tour guide told us that nutmeg is like gold to them.

A storm two years ago destroyed a lot of spice plants though, and it is taking them awhile to grow new plants.

Grenada is about 133 square miles, with 27000 people living in St George's (the capital), so it is a lot more populated than Dominica.

Here is Fort Frederick which was built by the French and then English. I am pretty sure that the guide told us the story of how the English captured it. All the guns in the fort were facing the sea, so the English snuck in over land from the opposite direction. After they took over the fort, the first thing they did was install some guns facing the land so no one could repeat their trick.

Fort Frederick has these amazing views in every direction.

We're on a beach, but we aren't swimming. This was a stop to buy spices from the island ladies. At breakfast that morning, we had met a woman who bought nutmeg here years ago. She said that it is a nut that you grate. She raved about how much tastier freshly grated nutmeg is (much better than what comes in the bottle).

Here is Grand Etang Crater Lake. The lake is used for drinking water, so there is no swimming and fishing.

Stuff like this makes us so proud to be Americans.

These guys were really good. Lou had a beer, and Karen had a punch drink with nutmeg mixed in. It was surprisingly yummy.

We drove all over the island in this bus! We were in the back of the bus, so it took forever to get on and off.

This guy talked to Karen before he climbed up the cliff to jump, and then when he did jump, he yelled out Karen's name.  He was angling for a good tip! Actually the three guys who jumped all yelled Karen's name. It was cute at first then we could not get away fast enough.

This is Annandale Falls, which we reached by walking down a steep but really nicely paved path.

Got a monkey on my back, man.


Excursion :
Grenada's Highlights & Scenic Drive

Visit historic Fort Frederick, picturesque Grand Etang Crater Lake, and Annandale Falls on this guided excursion.

Board your air-conditioned transportation and enjoy a narrated drive through the picturesque capital of St. George's on your way to Fort Frederick. Begun by the French in 1779 and completed by the English in 1791, the fort offers a fantastic view of the town and the harbor below. Travel along the scenic east coast of the island to Greenville and then on to Grand Etang Lake in Grand Etang National Park, passing verdant groves of banana, cocoa, nutmeg, and other spices. Enjoy a complimentary beverage while taking in views of the lake, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. Head to Annandale Falls for a short but steep walk down to a green paradise, where the rushing water is framed by hanging ferns and a variety of the island's flowering and medicinal plants. Your return route passes through tropical countryside and several charming villages.

Tour sequence may vary. The path at Annandale Falls can be slippery at times.


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