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Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010

Our lovely ship again.

You pronounce Dominica like Doe-min-EE-kah.

Our guide was a Carib Indian named Pros. He was very dignified and proud of his heritage. He told us how the Caribs in Dominica fought off multiple attempts at colonization until the Europeans gave up and called them savages.

W stopped at this overlook, and Karen went into eh ladies room. President Obama's weekly address was being broadcast in the bathrooms over the local radio station. That is the first time Karen has ever heard any presidential radio address.

This stadium was built just a few years ago.

The island is 298 square miles. About 20,000 people live here.

A hurricane in 2004 knocked over this tree and crushed this bus. Luckily there was no one in it at the time.

These are parrots. the national bird of Dominica.

This tree was all aflutter with hummingbirds.

The fruits from this tree are not edible. When they ripen and fall to the ground, then split open and stink.

Here is the Emerald Pool! Our guide told us that if you took a dip, you would add 5 years to your life.

The trail down to the pool was rocky and slippery, but we took our time and made it. It was much cooler in the shade along the trail.

Here we are on a black volcanic sand beach. The sand was really dark gray, but when we scooped some in our hands, we could see that it was a mixture of black and white sand.

Another practically empty beach!

Sunset as we left Dominica


Excursion :
Emerald Pool & Volcanic-Sand Beach

Visit the famed Emerald Pool and then spend time on a volcanic black-sand beach.

Board your air-conditioned transportation for the drive through Roseau to Morne Bruce for a panoramic view of the city and the ship. Continue to the Botanical Gardens to view the national birds of Dominica, the sisserou and jacquot parrots, in captivity and the many interesting plants and trees. Travel through the Springfield Valley with its beautiful greenery to the Emerald Pool located in the Morne Trois Piton National Park. A 20-minute trek through an exotic rainforest is required to reach the 50-foot cascading waterfall and inviting pool in which you can take a refreshing dip. Depart the Emerald Pool and travel through the scenic Layou Valley to a beautiful volcanic black-sand beach. Enjoy approximately two hours relaxing in the sunshine or enjoying a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea prior to your return to the ship. Complimentary refreshments are served at the beach.

The rustic paths at the Emerald Pool are steep and may be slippery. To reach the pool itself requires negotiating many steep steps. This active excursion is suitable only for passengers in good physical condition. Wear comfortable clothes, sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots and a swimsuit. Bring a towel and adequate sun protection. Beach chairs are not included, but may be available for rent. Tour sequence may vary.




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