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St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. - Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Our second snorkeling excursion was so much better than the first one.  The water was very calm, we did not get tossed around at all, all the equipment worked perfectly, and we saw a lot of wildlife.

We got great seats on the bench at the back of the boat, in the shade, right next to the Captain.  Much later, we found out that the bench we were sitting on hid the cupboards filled with liquor and fruit juice!

It was a fun scenic ride out to Shipwreck Cove.
We have arrived in Shipwreck Cove.  At this point, there are two boats here.  By the time we left, there were six!

Buck Island is a federally protected bird sanctuary so we were warned to NOT go on the shore at all.

We saw some parasailing from a distance.  Very cool.
Patsy held Lou's rum punch for him. 

If you did not want the alcohol, you were stuck with soda.  Jaime was not making any virgin punches for anyone.

Here is Chris, who reminded us of Mark.  He was very funny.

Once the snorkeling was over, the crew broke out the beer and rum.

Here we are approaching the dock.  Out plan is to shower, eat lunch, and head into town so Karen can buy a tanzanite.



Another excursion
Oh yeah baby. This is why you go to the Caribbean.

Saleslady Lilly is helping Karen to look for Tanzanite at Diamonds International.  Patsy and Omer are in the store, to the right.  Lou is out on the street.

But Karen did not see anything she liked, so Lilly dragged us down the street to visit Tanzanite International.

Karen is balancing three tanzanite stones on her hand.  It is so hard to choose!  Patsy is not all that much of a help, because she suggests that Karen "deserves" the giant one that costs $6000. 

Karen's favorite hat is hanging from the ribbon that is pinned to her collar.

Lou needs some liquid courage after he hears that Karen spent exactly X after he said, "Well, don't spend more than X."

So we settle at a sidewalk bar and he tries a couple of drinks and chats with the bartender.  The Pain Killer is surprisingly refreshing.

Oh the Emerald Princess looks so inviting! 

I bet the Lido is open after 7:30 PM.

It looks like there is stadium seating near the huge outside TV screen.

The Emerald Princess leaves before we do.
The low clouds hang ominously in the sky, but this was a balmy lovely evening.
Beautiful sunset.  God, why don't we live here?!

We danced on the deck during the sail away party.


Excursion : Castaway Girl Barefoot Sail & Snorkel at Shipwreck Cove
The highlight of your cruise will be experiencing the thrill of sailing on our fabulous catamarans Castaway Girl to Ship Wreck Cove at Buck Island. The Castaway Girl is a very fast and stable, having spacious sun bathing decks and large comfortable cockpit for those of you who prefer the shade as you sail in the warm breezes of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Spend one and one half hours snorkeling and exploring beautiful coral reefs filled with tropical fish, sea animals, and turtles. The wartime shipwreck of "Catanza C" lies 25' below the surface and is home to a wide variety of sea life. The friendly, experienced crew and instructors will provide all the assistance that you need as they snorkel with you pointing out the wondrous sights to be seen below. Enjoy complimentary tropical fruit punch drinks along with other refreshments such as beer, snacks, soda and great music on your relaxing homeward sail back to your ship.
Notes All snorkel gear included. Easy access in and out of water via boat ladder.


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