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July 12 - 15, 2007.
Well, we went to Mass. for Brian's wedding, but I actually didn't take any pictures at the wedding ;-)

So here are lots of pictures of other stuff along the trip.

For starters, here's Karen showing off her Basketball abilities with Nick.  Nick looks to be the next Larry Bird.

I was amazed at the amount of work Francis and Glen put into there home over 30 years.  This is a great yard.
Are you sure you guys want to sell this house?
Frankie is trying to get Tom and Donna to do jumping jacks with complete failure.  Maybe if she offered them a Margarita.
This is an excellent shed.  However the truth did come out.  This is actually Glen's dog house.  You know what I mean.
Excellent curb side appeal. 
Don't you wonder what Patsy, Karen, and Peggy are talking about?  Some things are left unknown.
Great picture of Francis and Omer.  They are looking at the plans for the new house to be built.
Here we are in Lakeville at Aunt Claire and Uncle Bill's house.  Here are Karen, Claire, and Bill.
Same group with that strange guy added.  We are all so happy because we ate a wonderful baked stuffed shrimp lunch.  Thank you Claire.  We also drank a bottle of Chardonnay from NC.  Not bad!
Brian's dog Sarge.  Great dog.  He even knows how to play fetch by himself.

Here are an exhausted Frankie and Glen the morning after the big wedding.  Yes, they are still upright.
Glen, Karen, Frankie, Patsy, and Omer.  Rascal is in the lower left corner.
Can you tell which person was substituted for who?
The two macho mean Justin and Lou.  We hadn't seen Justin and Jennifer for about 7 years.  Unfortunately, although we had a blast with Justin, Jennifer was afraid to see us again.  She had to take the young one to boy scout camp.


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