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One night a bus driver was on his route when he picked up a nun and
started driving off. It was late and the nun went and sat by the driver.

She said she'd only been a nun for 6 years and was still quite young. The
bus driver agreed. She went on to say how she'd wondered about sex and
would the driver have sex with her. The driver immediately pulled over
and shut the interior lights off. He took her to the back and dropped his
pants. She stoped him and said, "I only have two things to ask."

"The first is, are you a married man? I can't come between a man and his
family." He answered NO! She then said since she had to be a virgin to enter
Heaven would he do it from the rear? Sure, he replied.

When he'd finished, he went back to the driver's seat and started back on
his route. When he came to the nun's stop and she started to get off, he

"Can you forgive me? I've lied, I am a married man." She said, " No problem,

I'm on my way to a costume party and my name is really George."


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