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This picture illustrates the beauty of the Caribbean.  I shot this just after getting onto a Catamaran.  Note the colors of the water, sky, and land.

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Just about the same shot as above with one significant difference.  There are quite a number of entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.  At the bottom of this picture is a foot sticking out of the water.  This foot belongs to a guy who came out to our Catamaran on a surf board.  If we threw coins into the water, he would dive and retrieve them.

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This is a shot of the Grand Pitons located about a mile off shore.  Even though they look like they are right next to each other, they are actually 3 miles apart.

Here is one of these guys all alone.

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Here we are next to a collapsed volcano looking at several bubbling pools of stinky black boiling volcano sludge.  The clouds of steam smell like sulfur.  One man had to sit down from the stench combined with the exertion of walking up the stairs.

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See the iron railing?  That is all the protection we got against falling over.   Our guide said they used to walk out onto the lava rock with tourist until the rock collapsed and a guide fell in up to his waist and got burned (but not killed).

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Diamond water fall.  This is in a botanical garden that they made us walk through even though we were all starving for lunch.


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