t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  People


Mar09_01.jpg (70930 bytes) On our first formal night, Omer decided to dress like a mobster.  All the ladies swooned for him.

Both Patsy and Karen sparkled like gems.

Mar09_02.jpg (60699 bytes) Peggy, Bob, and Diane (left).
Mar09_03.jpg (63174 bytes) Wayne and Diane.
Mar09_57.jpg (35885 bytes) Lou finds a quiet area to hang out at.  But the rowdy octogenarians won't pay the sign any heed.
Mar09_67.jpg (64169 bytes) Crewmember with camera catches us cuddling over cappuccinos in the Cova Cafe.

Note that Patsy is wearing her Washington t-shirt.

Mar09_68.jpg (56983 bytes) Karen spending money; buying a watch.  Doesn't she look happy?
Mar09_69.jpg (65594 bytes) Patsy is also spending money picking out her chain by the inch.  Note that Omer is not here cuz he had to go sit down.

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