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Celebrity's cruise ship Horizon
The Pool
Michael's Club
Cova Cafe This is the Cova Cafe.  A pianist could be found here every night.  Although she played the piano just wonderfully, she really should not take up singing.
Karen plays the slots. Yep, Karen plays the slots.
Wayne at 21 Yes, this is a black and white photo.  The guy with his back to you is the dealer.  The guy just to the right of him is one of our traveling companions, Wayne.
Grangers play the slots. Patsy and Omer give it their best to beat the evil slot machine.
Rendezvous Lounge The Rendezvous Lounge.  This is where we spent the hour or 2 prior to dinner.   Great music, drinks, and conversation were held here.  This picture shows the corner where we sat every evening.

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