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The project begins. And so it begins...

The garden is planned to be roughly 25 by 5 feet.  I'm using 384 grey Windsor stones.  Each stone is 11.5" x 8" x 4" and weighing 25 pounds.

Getting the first row is the key to building a raised garden.  What a pain!   Using the Windsor stones, you need to bury the first row.  So you have to dig out the area and level not only with the ground, but with each other.  Yikes! The first row nears completion.
3 levels Once the first row is done, the pace picks up drastically.  It took me about a week of 2 or 3 hours per evening to get the first row done.  It took about the same amount of time to get rows 2 through 5 complete.
I didn't cheap out.  I spent a pretty penny getting top of the line top soil.   This dirt has peat moss, sand for draining, manure, and a nice loam. 

I segregated the strawberries so that they won't take over the rest of the garden.

Planting begins.
Planting ends. So the garden is built and the veggies are planted.  Next, gravel.
Here is the garden as it looked on August 1.  I've got the gravel all around the garden to keep them weeds out as much as possible.  North end.
South end. Yes, I did put down weed blocking fabric underneath the gravel.  I actually doubled up on the stuff in the hope that nothing grows around the garden. 

I'm tired of picking weeds.


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