t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Barbados


Our third stop brings us to Harrison Cave of Barbados
Cave 1 Stalagtites and Stalagmites.  This area was called the village because the Stalagmites looked like people huddled together, mothers holding babies, really creepy.
Cave 2 Water flowing down hill


The Flower Forest of Barbados
Us at the gardens Garden 1
Garden 4 Garden 5
Garden 2 See the little sign at the base of this fan palm?  Omer climbed up into the flower bed  to read the sign which said something like "Stay on the path."   Whoops!
Garden 6 Garden 7
Garden 8 Orchid trained on a stump.
Mar09_36.jpg (63632 bytes) Back on the ship after a long day of sightseeing on Barbados.  We are hanging out by the pool hoping to see Pat and Omer wander by so we can go eat pizza yet again.

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