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August 19, 2000


Who went to the Gorge?  Yes, you are correct.   Who.  As in "The Who".  George and I were there too. We stopped a few miles before the Gorge to snap a couple of pictures.  Uh, we would have had more, but George, uh, hum, well, lets just say he wasn't quite sure where to put his fingers;-)  It's OK George, I burned those. 

That pristine water is the mighty Columbia River.

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Ok, now we are at the promise land.  We got to the Gorge around 6:15.  We promptly parked and hung out checking out the cast of characters while we scarfed down food and a couple of Black Russians. The cast of characters was as expected.  A  wide range of age from the early 20s to late 40s (or older).  Lots of interesting people.   Some folks brought some curious items to the show.  One group brought 2 2 gallon containers of OJ with certain additives;-) 
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