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This year, the Arthritis Foundation "A Joint Walk" took place on Saturday, May 19.  The weather was quite cool (low 50s)  with a slight wind made for brisk walking conditions.

The walk starts at Kirkland's Marina Bay Park.  From there we head up 85th St to 106 Ave where we bang a right heading south.   We stay on 106th Ave for quite a while; all the way past the park and ride and down to Lake Washington Blvd.  The course turns north from there along Lake Washington all the way back up to where we started.


200 walkers

$20,000 raised. 

Yours truly raised $666

5 teams raised less money than little old me!

As usual, Sam, the Golden Retriever, is a big hit.  Everyone wants to stop and pet Sam.  Of course being the big ham that she is, she doesn't mind at all.  Thanks to Karen's continued training, Sam is able to do the 6 mile walk with little trouble.

I did the 10K walk in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  This included 25 minutes on the cell phone while purchasing Eric Clapton tickets.

To my supporters, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Your contribution is very much appreciated.  And the supporters are:

  • Karen Ross

  • George Hill

  • Bob Smith & Bethany Kester

  • Steve Teglovic

  • Harland Maier

  • Shaindell Goldhaber

  • Nancy Wojack

  • Omer and Pat Granger

  • Tom Mounsey

  • Rich & Lisa Bender

  • Tinalynn & Mike Haugen

  • Bing Wu

Click to enlarge And a one.  And a two.  Stretch.  Bend.  Fall over.  Oh, wait this is suppose to be a good thing.
Click to enlarge These old bones must warm up.  Actually I'm just trying to look good.  Sam wants to lick someone.
Click to enlarge This is what the whole thing looks like.  Tables with sign in sheets, water, ice cream, and dog treats.  YUM!
Click to enlarge Alright, its almost show time.  I'm getting my game face on.
Click to enlarge And there off!  My Father in-law who took these pictures says I'm in there somewhere with the cell phone clued to my ear.
Click to enlarge The finish line.  I made it.  Man my feet hurt.
Click to enlarge YAHOO!!  Sam's like give me beef.
Click to enlarge Hanging out with the in-law.  Resting them feet.




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