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t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Super Bowl 2011


Feb. 6, 2011


Attendees (29):

Lou & Karen
Mo & Gail
Carole & Allen
Pat & Carl
Woody & Meredyth
Karen & Charlie
Bob & Gerry
Steve, Kim & Fisher
Joe & Peg
Betsy & Larry
Brent & Lori
Nick & Sharon


Meat meat meat!

Super Bowl party requirements: 

Big screen TV - minimum 50 HD of course.

Plenty of beverages.

Fun filled Football loving friends.

Mass quantities of food.

Chili, meatball subs, cheese/crackers, and frozen shrimp cocktail that took hours to melt.

Guest dishes included orange chicken, BBQ chicken, 7 layer dip, queso cheese dip, veggie platter, guacamole dip, corn dip, Brazilian cheese bread, brownies, cookies, cake, beer, ice tea, and much more.

Drinks: soda, water, iced tea, beer, merlot, cabernet, chardonnay, margaritas, and cosmopolitans.

Not many pictures this year.  I was too busy having fun watching the Pack beat the Steelers.


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