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July 9, 2006

We watched the tugs and the guys on the dock work to get us positioned exactly.

This was a very gray, overcast day with a light drizzle.  I wished that I had brought a rain jacket on the trip.

This is a cool bridge.

I would not buy this shirt; I would not wear this shirt.  I love Starbucks too much.

Canals again!  Everything seems to be pulling us back to Venice.

The cyclists have the right of way, and pedestrians must watch out. We saw one poor woman get hit by a bike.

Whenever I see someone on a bike with flop flops, I think of how Lisa LeHeur got her toe ripped almost all the way off while riding in flip flops on the back of my bike in about 1976.

Lou was in charge of the camera.

Meow!  See the kitty cat sitting in the doorway of the sushi restaurant?!

Amazing life sized statues at ground level in a little park, so you could walk between them.

Bikes are very popular here.

You can have a cup of coffee and a little marijuana in this shop.

Sorry Eric, I didn't make it to the red light district.  I guess I'll just have to go back.

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