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June 25, 2006

This morning was incredibly fun. We had a couple of City Walks cards for the fora romano, so we could walk through and tell what we were looking at. The cards were small and handy, with descriptive text on one side and a map on the other.

There are no bathrooms in the fora romano.

Since we gave away our City Walk cards, I have no idea what these pictures show.

As we left the forum, two ladies stopped us and asked if the path we were on led to the forum, and if it was worth it (it was uphill and it was hot). We said that it was well worth the uphill walk, and we gave them the City Walk cards.

This photo should be at the top of the page, because it shows us just arriving at the forum.  There is Lisa in her cool green tank top.  She led us through Rome like a  champ. We scurried quickly through the forum so the Benders could go to the Coliseum for a guided tour, and then we went back through the forum slowly.

Pleasant shady area

This green door seems to float in the air.  There are no stairs leading to it.   It shows where ground level once was, when that door was in use.

Here is the stone where they burned Cesar's body. People still leave flowers there today.

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