t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Colosseum

We are outside the Colosseum looking in. 

There were originally three rings, but most of the two outer rings were dismantled when people used it as a quarry to get rock for other building projects.  Such a shame!


Stealing the stone only stopped after a Pope said, "Hey, many early Christians died here.  They were eaten by lions, martyred for their faith.  This is a sacred place.  No more stealing."
Great view inside.  Man, was the sun beating down on us.  We were so excited to be there, but we had to keep retreating into the shade. 

You can take a Seattleite out of Seattle, but you can't make him stand in the sun.

All these slanted open spaces were once covered by white marble seats.

50,000 people could fit in here.  And it was free, a gift from the Emperor.

Looking down into the space below the Colosseum floor.  These passageways would not have been visible, because the wooden floor (and sand) covered it up.

Elevators and trap doors were built into this floor.

It was wicked crowded. 

I really like the grass growing on the stone.  "Life will find a way."

Here is a great view of the missing Colosseum floor.  Too bad we couldn't walk out there.

The small section of recreated floor at the far end gives you an idea of what it was like, with a covering of sand to [ack] absorb the blood.

Hey, who's that guy wearing the fish shirt?
Here is a small area of seats.  The whole place used to be covered in seats like this, without the safety railings, of course.
Picture those marble seats over here on the slanted walls.  It's a rather steep slant, but it did allow for more people to crowd in -- and everyone to have a great view.

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