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Road Town, Tortola - Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007 Noon - 10:00 pm

One of the most consuming things in the Caribbean (besides Rum Punch) is all the boats.  They look so awesome in the crystal clear water with islands in the background.
How did the pretty girls get into this picture?  Must have been by accident.
There were three Jeeps in our tour, and here we are watching the one that is driving right behind us.

This was a great tour, not too crowded in the Jeep, so it was fun and comfortable.

Here is Karen and "Karon" our tour guide who knew a lot about the island.

The lady in red in the Jeep had a bad foot and did not want to keep climbing in an out of the Jeep.  She eventually got to sit up front with Karon, which was much better for her -- and gave us more room in the back of the Jeep.

They kept telling us that some American dentist owns this island, and that island... if I had been a teenager, I would have started thinking hard about dental school.
It was so beautiful here.

Not the kind of house where you want to walk in and then realize that you forgot to pick up milk and so you have to go all the way back down the hill to town...

In the upper right corner of this photo, you can see the airstrip for the International Airport.
Here is an even better view of the airport.
What do I have to do to get a house here?!
Airport AGAIN. 
Look at all that blond hair Karen has!
Josiah's on the Bay (or something like that) was a great beach.  Nice waves, very clear water, and some interesting birds flying around.  Karen picked up a couple of shell fragments.
We did not see anyone surf; they were already done when we got to the beach.
We saw a lot of cows and chickens just walking around freely.
One of the guys in our Jeep decided that he would be happy to have this little chunk of land jutting out from this island.  He wouldn't need a whole island, just a little chunk.
By the end of the tour, the sun was setting.  The temperature dropped, yet it was still lovely and comfortable.

Excursion : Tortola 4WD Safari

Take this fun and exciting drive in a four-wheel-drive vehicle that travels on off-road, virgin trails and some regular island roads. Enjoy wonderful vistas of Tortola and the surrounding islands from viewpoints not accessed by the general public. Departing the cruise port, the convoy quickly passes through Road Town before following a trail up to the Ridge Road. The route takes participants on a fun tour, revealing the natural beauty of the island in the unspoiled scenery, flora and fauna. Stops are made for picture-taking and at a beach where a refreshing drink is served. Rinse the "dust of the trail" off with a swim in the sea, or relax on the white-sand beach before continuing back to the ship.
Notes Tour vehicles are 8 seats each with a driver-guide. Due to bumpy terrain, this tour is not recommended for guests who are pregnant or have back or neck problems.

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