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Fort Lauderdale Saturday, Dec 15, 2007

Whose that happy, lovely lady?  Oh, my wife.  I'm a lucky guy.

We were in the sun for ten minutes, and Karen got a slight burn.

Karen is reading the new John Sandford (Dark of the Moon) which she picked up in a bookstore at RDU airport.  She also picked up Starbucked at RDU.  Both were great books, but we did not have much time to read on this trip.

We have been to this departure port many times.  Here we are looking for that guy who yells out from his balcony as the ship goes by.  His comment is always "Don't eat the lobster!"
Doesn't this look like fun in the Florida sun and warm waters?  I'm sure they have an ample supply of Rum Punch.
While waiting for departure, we had airplanes overhead every couple of minutes.  Here's one.
Royal Caribbean ship.

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