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Memorial 6/26/2009

It was pretty darned HOT the day we visited the Wright Brothers' Memorial!  95 at least.  But we walked all the way out to the 4th flight marker, at the end of the neat rubber pathway. 

Looking back toward the buildings as we approached the memorial itself.

Here is what is written along the base of the memorial:  In commemoration of the conquest of the air by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright. Conceived by genius, achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith.

Looking out toward the metal sculpture of the flight.

When we were her in December, there were kids crawling all over every inch of these statues!  But now it was just too hot.

We strolled back to the car after this and then went out for ice cream!  Then Karen crashed and slept all afternoon while Lou surfed the web and checked email and watched TV and watched the water.

Then we went to the movies! We saw The Hangover which was very funny.


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