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August 14, 2007

Gustav Vigeland himself. There is a closer view below to the right.

When we arrived, there was a group at the gates celebrating Pakistan Day.  This park is a place where lots of celebrations take place.  For example, the Americans hold the Fourth of July here.

So there are 212 bronze and granite sculptures here, all nekked and cavorting. 

It is totally cool.  I wish we had more time to wander about.

Ironic that he would make his own statue so fully clothed.

The monolith contains 121 human figures.  The adults all look inward, and the babies look outward.  Our guide said the people at the bottom are dead.  Wikipedia says the figures are "rising toward heaven."  Hmmm.

Here is one of the scary demon statues, but we cut off the good bits by accident.

Mother and daughter, after a disagreement, two people so much alike, alone with their thoughts and yet so clearly in alignment.

I think I love this one best of all.

Now this reminds me of the sculpture in Kirkland of the kids running hand in hand toward Lake Washington... but all those kids had clothes on.

I doubt that anyone would let Gustav Vigeland baby-sit their kids after this sculpture park opened up.  "I just cannot enjoy this movie," the mother might whisper, "What if he is juggling the twins?"

The fountain is held up by a group of muscular men.

Along the base, see the small bronze reliefs?  Little babies cavorting, alone and with animals.

What a beautiful place!

Another view of the fountain where you can see the men's legs thru the water. This fountain was supposed to go in front of Parliament but ended up here.

Vigeland continued working on the park even during the Nazi occupation. They left him alone because they thought he was of a like mind, what with all the statues exhibiting such gesund-heit-freunden. But he was not aligned with them and he mocked them with some additional statues on high columns that show people fighting off a demon. I think it is sort of sad that he died in 1943 before the war ended so he was not to know that the Nazis were defeated.

Always fun to watch other people do yard work

I love her wrist.

Smooth to the touch

Who mowed this ziggy-zaggy lawn? A drunk?  Next week, I want to see a crisscross pattern.


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