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August 14, 2007

We are milling about at the plaza below the Holmenkollen ski jump -- which was the site of the 1952 Olympic ski jumping competition.  Guide said that they are going to tear down the jump and replace it starting a few months from now!

View from the ski jump, well, not the ski jump itself!

Open-Air Folk Museum

After we wandered around, Karen ran into the gift shop on her own.  This was going to be her last chance to get a scarf and gloves to wear at the Edinburgh Tattoo.  So, when she found a pretty pair of red embroidered glover, she snatched them up.  The price tag said 625 Kroners... On the bus ride later, she found the conversion rate: $104 dollars!

Some modern houses have grass roofs, and our guide said that you do have to mow  or weed whack the grass.  Man, we are having a hard enough time with our lawn in North Carolina; never mind a second lawn on the roof.


This reminds Karen of the Scandinavian Gift Shop near SMU, which she visited often with Tinalynne.


Two employees of the museum chatting on a bench.  Which one works in the office?  No one is safe from Lou.

Snacky time.  Karen got Lou an espresso and herself an orange soda.

Town hall with clock, as seen from the Akershus Fortress. You see a chunk of the fortress here on the right, the stone and grass that the guy is standing on. For more pics of the fortress, go to Akershus link below.

Another view from Akershus Fortress.

As we left the port, we had a local historian tour guide guy on the loudspeaker talking about all the interesting stuff we passed.



Excursion : Open-Air Folk Museum & Oslo Highlights
A scenic narrated tour of Oslo city highlights includes a visit to an open-air museum
featuring historic and traditional Norwegian buildings set in a forest on the Bygdoy

Open-Air Folk Museum - Your guided walk travels gravel paths through the forest. You
will see a 13th-century Gol Stave Church with its steep stepped-roofs and wood-carved
dragons, Hovestova, built for house guests attending a three-day wedding, a collection
of farmhouses, and the old village of Christiana.

Vigeland Sculpture Park - Once considered controversial, the park is now one of Oslo’s
favorite attractions. Your guided walk visits the stone, iron and bronze sculptures of
Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures depict a complete human life from birth to death. After
your walk, a brief period of free time is allowed to explore the park on your own.

Holmenkollen - Perched high above Oslo, Holmenkollen is the cradle of ski jumping
and the site of the 1952 Olympic ski jumping competition.

Board your motor coach for a scenic narrated drive through Oslo. You pass Parliament,
the National Theater, the Royal Palace and suburban areas with wood houses set in
well-tended gardens. At the conclusion of your tour, you may choose to remain in Oslo
for independent sightseeing or shopping; however, you are then responsible for your
own return transportation to the ship.


Vigeland Sculpture Park Holmenkollen Akershus Fortress



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