t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  American Cemetery

July 8, 2006
A map on a ledge overlooking the water showed the details of the Allies' attack.

We walked silently through the cemetery. There is a red path that encircles the graves.

The grounds are amazingly well kept. We were very proud to be there.

The round building we are approaching turned out to be a chapel.

The mosaic ceiling of the chapel.

I hate to record any of my usual lighthearted observations, because this was not like any other stop on any other excursion.

A huge map again showed details of the assault and the paths taken afterward as the Allies pushed inland.

This was a sobering, patriotic, and  private experience.  It was especially heartwrenching because, in our silent contemplation, we also reflected on the men and women currently serving in the war in Iraq.


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