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This is the view from the platform above the funicular station in Capri.

Beautiful blue skies, and gosh I want one of those houses nestled on the hill!

Attractive clock on the tower outside the funicular station.

The picture doesn't do justice to the masses of purplish-pink flowers on the wall.

This is a monastery we saw on our walk to the Augustus Gardens.
This was on the hill above us along that same walk.
At the Augustus Gardens, we stood on a overlook to see the "famous offshore rocks of Faraglioni."

There are no beaches, so you need a boat to enjoy the water.

Modest fountain statue at the Augustus Gardens.
Cavorting half-naked statue at the Augustus Gardens.
The Augustus Gardens are actually quite small.  I had an expectation of something like Buchart Garden in Victoria, BC.  But the Augustus Gardens could fit in the Buchart Garden's gift shop.
Another shot of the monastery.  Such a cheerful roofline.
As we walked back to the funicular station, the streets were already filling with tourists.

The streets were lined with fancy shops.

We didn't know it, but this was our last, best chance to buy Limoncello!  And we failed.  But we did get pastries at the bakery.

It was so darned hot, we were amused at the idea of a sauna.  As if you would volunteer to be any hotter.
Huge cactus in the right of the picture caught our eye.
Lou took this shot of Capri as we were being loaded onto the boat for the trip to Sorrento.

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