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June 30, 2004
Really lovely view as we walked along following our guide.  This hotel is built on land "reclaimed" from the sea.

Monaco is about one square mile, with 39 banks.

Jacques Cousteau's submarine!  He was clearly a fan of The Beatles.
Princess Somebody's house.

The Grimaldi's bought the title of prince in the eleventh century.  Knowing that sort of takes the luster off their royal status.

St. Nicholas
Cathedral, another Catholic Church for Karen to feel at home in.
Princess Grace's tomb.  Fresh flowers appear every day, which is an indication of how beloved she was.
This is a very pretty church, although the guide did say that they wanted the interior to be plain so as not to distract from your spiritual experience.
This is really beautiful.
Here is a palace where the French soldiers who are on duty in Monaco live.

In the foreground, left, is a sight that can cause cruisers to stampede: a tour guide holding up a sign.  We'll follow those signs anywhere.

Lou got a nice shot of the changing of the guard.  He was determined to see it, since we missed it at Buckingham Palace because of the crowds.

Karen gave up her spot in the front for a couple of teeny tiny elderly Italian ladies who were tickled pink to get to see this event.

Excursion: Old Monaco And The Royal Palace
The ancient streets of old Monaco, home to the Royal Palace and St. Nicholas
Cathedral, provide a vivid contrast with modern Monte Carlo.
Old Monaco - Your guided walking tour travels the narrow, twisting lanes and
vaulted passageways of the old city. The picturesque buildings date back to
the 14th-century.

Royal Palace - The Grimaldis have held the principality for over 600 years.
Located in the west end of the old city, the Royal Palace, most of which
dates from the 15th- and 16th-centuries, faces the Place du Palais and still
retains its medieval towers. An audio player narrates the palace's
highlights as you tour the ornate state apartments, including the First
Empire style Throne Room and the Chambre d'York.

St. Nicholas Cathedral - The cathedral is built on the site of a
13th-century church and is the site of the royal tombs. Princess Grace is
interred in the cathedral, located in the heart of the old city. Thousands
come each year to pay their respects.

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