t2.bmp (300054 bytes)  Mendenhall

Here Lou is laying claim to the Mendenhall glacier. Check out the ice around him and the glaciers behind him.
After concuring the Mendenhall glacier, Lou takes a break for a photo op with his queen of the ice Karen. Do you think they are cold?
Pictures are misleading. This is a hole in the ice of the Mendenhall glacier. Now picture this, the Mendenhall glacier is several miles long and wide. It is over 400 feet deep. So yes, as you see us standing on top of the glacier, we are standing on 400 feet of ice. This hole is roughly about 18 inches in diameter and 120 FEET deep. We were told that when no one is around the tour guides actually rope down to the bottom. The hole is just as you see it all the way down. Why is the hole (ice) blue?

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