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John is a very good friend. John has never (and I mean never) been a shy man. He has been known to call them as he sees them. John writes letters for a local paper in Oregon. Here you will find some of John's letters that will make you laugh or really piss you off depending on your political views. By the way, if you are some pinko silly Billy lover, you've come to the wrong place.

If you want to send John your own words of wisdom, you can reach him by emailing
John Caudill.


 Social Security
Nothing new about aliens
Apologys due
Want a job?
Stock Tip
Social Justice
'Fag Marriages
Whats a 'Domestic Partner'?
Murder or Suicide?
Fear of Reprisal
Kennewick Man
Don't practice what you teach
Red Rag
Fraternization Harrassment
Head in the sand
Dangerous ground
Have your 'Kaye' and 'Edith' too.
John the Chef


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