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Thursday October 9, 2003

San Javier Mission Church


Established in 1697.

Smart people.  Instead of climbing to the top of the tower to ring the church bell, these folks hook up a rope so that it can be rung from ground level.  

I was very , VERY tempted, but decided not to get arrested in Mexico.

Cool gate.

Around town:

Great thing about Mexican ports:  always tequila and music.
The Traditional Mexican Underwear Dance!

Girls (and boys) from the high school performed for us, and did a marvelous job.  It was great.  Some of the girls seemed to think the idea was to show your underwear as much as possible, while others were a bit more modest.

Quick Time Movie.of Underwear DanceQuick Time Movie.of Underwear Dance

Sunny skies wall to wall except for this one huge cloud.



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