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August 7, 2007

The Parliament from the bridge.

We stood there for a long time trying to get a clean shot of this guy, because there were so many tourists clustered around him.  How strange is it to know that you are going to end up in hundreds of people's photo albums, and not one of them will know your name?

This photo is now Karen's desktop at work.  He's such a happy looking lion!  Karen remembered him from the first trip in 1999, but we didn't get a good shot of him then.

Lou wanted to have lunch in a pub, so here we are in the Crown and Cushion.  Karen NEVER gets to take pictures and so totally messed it up trying to get a shot of Lou.  He finally set up the camera with the timer to take our picture automatically.  Then Karen got a lesson on the camera, which came in handy later as she took a lot of pics on this trip.

We stood across the street and marveled at the LONG line of people waiting to get into the Dungeon.  We were so glad that the line was not for the Britain at War museum.

Here is the entry to the dungeon.



Britain at War Museum

Check out the "cruise log" for a complete description of what we saw here.  This was really excellent.


We walked to the museum, but decided to take the tub back.  Much faster!  And almost as entertaining.

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