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August 6, 2007

Surfing the web back home, Karen had found a FREE CONCERT at St James park, and it made it's way onto the itinerary "If We Have Time."  These guys are the Jamaican Defense Force.  They were great.


At first we stood there listening, but we ended up sitting down for a couple songs before we moved on.

Here Karen is standing in front of a book that lists each police officer who dies in the line of duty, which a short description of the event.  It was a heartbreaking and heartwarming memorial because of the details of each loss of life.

Oh, this just made me think about our yard in North Carolina and all the work we'll have to do to make it look nice.

Wandering back to the hotel, we stepped into a tiny park and found this statue.


London Wildlife

Here is the Coot!  Strange webby feet and a bill that extends up onto the front of his head like a helmet.

There is a pretty nice illustrated listing of all the waterfowl you can see in St James Park.  It came in handy for identifying the Coot.

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