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Start Date: 5/10/2004

End Date: 6/4/2004

NOTE: Finished Product pictures are 640 x 480.  May be slow download on a dial up.

Finished Product
Custom made solid maple cabinets, inside and outside.  2 centimeter with rounded edge granite counter top.  The Brazilian granite is extremely dense and has a unique Green Wave pattern.  The hinges allow us to adjust each cabinet door and drawer front in 3 directions.  Hardware is distressed brass.  The stools recline.  Yeah baby!

We went from no convection oven, to TWO.  The stove has electronic controls, glass top with 5 heating zones,  and a convection oven.  The micro-hood is a combination microwave and convection oven.  Perfect for that once a year Thanksgiving meal.

We really got into the stainless steel look.  So even our new counter top gadgets are stainless steel.

Built in fridge look with wine cabinet and display glass cabinet.  Note that what used to be a useless desk is now cabinets and counter space.

Our old closet with those annoying folding doors is no more.  We now have an 8 door maple pantry with adjustable shelves.

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During Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel
Bosch Dishwasher
Amana Refrigerator
GE Microwave
GE Range
Elkay Sink


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