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Our first summer bash is actually an indoor house warming party.  Welcome our new home and dog Sam, the Golden Retriever.

The Attendee (38)s

Rich and Lisa
Jeanne, Eric, and the gang
Chiwei and Sue-Jeanne
Lori Moon and Adam
George and MJ
Eirien and Tim
Steve and Melody
Bob and Sally
Steve and Lynn
Julie and Ron
Chris Kapilla and Michelle
John Bickley and Marylin
Beth Kester and Bob
Kedra and cousin Erin.
Alix, Gwen, Brigitte, Stewart
Mike Brown, Donna, Patrick, Nancy

Special thanks to those crazy people from the bay area that flew up just for the party. George Hill and MJ Austin you are the best. Not only did they fly up for the party, they actually most of the setup work and nearly all of the cleanup work. Way cool!. Karen and I definately appreciate your efforts. This is not the first time either. You guys flew up last year during my surprise B-Day party. Thanks


Karen (in the background) and MJ prepare the munchies which will be quickly and efficiently consumed by the party goers. Of course presampling is approved and highly encouraged.


Yes, this is my pool table and it is way cool. Well, actually, it was the only piece of furniture I was allowed to purchase for the new home. No, no, no, really it is just the party magnet.


The wonderful outdoors in the Pacific NW. The weather cooporated during the party, it stopped raining long enough to step outside to view the clouds.


Aren't they a cute couple! How do you like the oak cabinets and white nuker? Aren't they cute too?


What are they eating? Moreover, why? Note that everyone was required to sign an agreement not to hold me liable for any damages done to their stomachs due to the high octane in the chili.

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House Warming 3

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