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Friday, Dec 21, 2007 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

This was an absolutely gorgeous beach.  White sand, warm water, BBQ, several tiki bars, and lots of water activities.  The beach was very smooth with very few rocks.  The water was extremely clear.  So clear that Karen and I went snorkeling.  There were lots of fish to see.
We rented these clam shells.  Each one was big enough for 2 people.  It was perfect to lounge around and stay out of the sun.  Here are Omer and Pat totally relaxed.
Some lady had told us that this beach would be the best of the whole cruise, and we doubted her, but she was right.
Our clam shells were conveniently located near a tiki bar. See Omer waving his arms?

The sand was fluffy and powdery and great. 

We had to tender from the cruise ship.  The tenders were enormous carrying over 100 passengers.  The tenders had to travel through a canal to arrive at the dock.

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