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May 15, 2010

Here's Kathy!

Lou and Karen walked out into Naples with Kathy and Joey. At first, we were not thrilled. The sidewalks were tricky and crossing streets was difficult, and nothing was open!

Just when Joey suggested that we give up and return to the ship, we turned a corner and saw a lovely statue reaching high into the sky... once we reached that square, we found beautiful things to look at as well as cafes and shops that were opening.

Our tour in Naples did not start till 1:30, so we had the morning free. Because it was Sunday, the city was quiet when we first walked off the ship. Taxi drivers accosted us, saying that we would find nothing open and that we should let them drive us somewhere better.

There was graffiti painted on the based of this monument. It looked awful. This was the point at which Joey wanted to quit, but then right around the corner, we saw hope.

Here is a close-up of one of the lions at the base of the statue.

Here are Kathy and Joey.

The bell tower

This guy would not go away till we ALL handed him a coin.

We are sitting at a sidewalk cafe, drinking fabulous coffee and sharing pastries.

This is the monument that we glimpsed, that gave us hope that we could find something nice to look at in Naples on an early Sunday morning.

This church has an amazing diamond shaped facade.

Here is another shot of that monument.

Our one goal in Naples was to eat pizza, but one of the taxi drivers said that pizza ovens would not be fired up and ready to cook till 1:00PM.

So we went back to the ship for lunch and then left on our tour of Herculaneum. After that tour, we had a little time but no energy to go looking for pizza. Next time we are in Naples!  (The Holy Land cruise stops in Naples.)

Another church off the same square

We stopped at a small store and bough Italian food items to bring home (black squid ink pasta, chocolates, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and so on).  Yum.

Soon after that, we hopped into a taxi to take us back to the ship.


Excursion : none
These pictures are of the four of us wandering around Naples, not on any excursion. Later in the afternoon, we would go to Herculaneum on a guided tour.

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