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May 15, 2010

The thing that looks like a sparkly colorful ice cream dish is the vase in which a live tree lives. The vase is suspended (floating) in the middle of the open column of space that goes from Deck 3 to Deck 14.

The vase is covered with thousands of Swarovski crystals that sparkle in the sunlight.

The mid-ship glass elevators were glorious to ride in and watch other people ride in.

These hanging chairs in Club Quasar were surprisingly comfortable

Here is Karen in the hanging chair.


This is the first day on board. We were allowed on board at like 10AM but we could not get to our cabin. We wandered around the public areas, trying to get our bearings.

There are many amazingly beautiful and comfortable chairs on board, and Karen had the ambition to be photographed in every one of them. But alas, this ambition was soon forgotten...

Helicopter pad!

Cafe al Bacio, coffee shop, tea shop, pastry shop... Our favorite spot on the ship. Practically every afternoon you could find us here.

This is where Karen typed most of the trip log.

Here is another view of Cafe al Bacio.

These chairs too were very very comfy.

The signage on Equinox is impressive.

The maps show you so clearly where you are, and where everything else is.

We NEVER got lost.

We wanted to eat here but did not find the time.

Molecular bar, where Adrian concocted amazing beverages for Lou

Karen in front of the pastry case at Cafe al Bacio. The good thing was that every pastry was tiny, so having a pastry was no great sin.  Having six would have been.

Michael's Club was our muster station, but nothing ever happened that required us to muster.

Our beloved cabin

This was perhaps the most comfortable couch in any cabin on any ship

Ooooh, comfy bed

We ate many breakfasts -- and two dinners -- on this lovely balcony of ours!

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