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July 3, 2006
Welcome to the rock.  This 2 by 1 mile rock has been the focus of countless conflicts.

Situated about 2 miles off the coast of Spain and 8 miles from the continent of Africa.

The top of the rock is about 1500 feet above sea level.

The views from the top are just incredible.  Where else can you see 2 continents at once.

There is a legend that if the apes ever leave Gibraltar, it will fall from Britain's control.

This one was a deep thinker.

Lou feeds the ape. 

The seeds slipped between Lou's fingers, but the ape got them all, reaching with soft little fingers to get every seed from every crevice.

Lou has a new best friend.

Whose your daddy!
We are looking over at Spain... so close, and so hostile.

Our fabulous tour guide, named Karen.

Now we are heading into the rock, where men carved out tunnels so that they could protect themselves from the Spanish during a 4 year siege.
During WWII, Churchill was convinced Hitler would attack Gibraltar.  Whoever controls this rock controls the shipping lanes to and from the Mediterranean.

US, British, and Canadian troops spent 9 months digging out 39 miles of roads INSIDE the rock.  Guns, ammunition, food, and supplies were stored in the rock in preparation for Hitler's attack which never came.

These are views from inside the rock.

After the US revolutionary war, Spain came to the conclusion that Britain had weakened.  Spain spent 4 years trying to take Gibraltar from Britain. 

Britain spent 4 years in the rock fighting off Spain.  Soldiers would dig out holes in the rock where cannons would be placed.

After Spain surrendered, they admitted they never knew where Britain would attack from.  The rock is so huge that Spanish soldiers could never see the cannons.

The term "shrapnel" came from the name of a British soldier who designed the splintering cannon ball during the 4 years in the rock.

Whew, we are back outside!

The gun often misfired, and one poor guy had the job of going in to retrieve the unexploded shell.



A City Under Siege - AM (9 to 12:45)
This special historical tour gives a unique perspective on life during the Great Siege when Gibraltarís inhabitants met incredible hardship with resilience and ingenuity.

Cable Car - Board the cable car for the short ride to the Top Station, located on the site of a World War II gun emplacement, for views of Africa, Spain and the dazzling Mediterranean.

Apesí Den - This viewing area is the site of Gibraltarís most popular attraction - the colony of tailless monkeys, known as Barbary apes. The monkeys have inhabited the rock for centuries.

Great Siege Tunnels - Take an approximately 45-minute guided walk through the siege tunnels carved by the British out of solid limestone. The defensive system was begun on May 25, 1782 and stands as a testament to the hardships endured during the Great Siege.

A City Under Siege Exhibit - The first British buildings on Gibraltar now house a special exhibit on life in Gibraltar during Spainís relentless attempts to reclaim the Rock by military siege.

Nelsonís Anchorage - HMS Victory, carrying Nelsonís body to England, berthed here after Trafalgar. Tour the Interpretation Center and walk through an underground passage leading to a Victorian 100-ton super gun.

Gibraltar Museum - The museum features a film presentation illustrating notable events in Gibraltarís turbulent history.

Board your mini-coach which takes you past a memorial to American soldiers killed during World War II, the Trafalgar Cemetery, and the Moorish Castle. Your tour concludes at the ship, or you may choose to stay in town to browse and shop. However, you are then responsible for your return to the ship via taxi or walking.

Long lines and delays may be encountered at the Cable Car.

Please do not approach, feed or handle the primates at the Apes Den as they have been known to bite.

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