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Fort Lauderdale Beach Saturday, Dec 26-30, 2009

We went for a walk to see the shopping district.

Here is our hotel, a Courtyard Marriott, right on the beach. It was a good hotel for us, right in the thick of things, which is good because we did not rent a car.

We are standing with our backs to the Atlantic, looking at our hotel and the Bubba Gump restaurant (off to the left).

Actually Lou was standing and Karen was sitting because we had been walking all day.

There was a Bubba Gump restaurant pretty much attached to our hotel. Signs in the elevator said you could get dinner delivered from the restaurant, but we wanted to go and soak up the fun ambiance.

Here is the bar by the hotel pool. We sat at this bar a couple of nights. It was a little chilly for Florida, but we still had fun. One night, the Wizard of Oz was on with no sound, so Karen performed the close captioning.

Clouds! Wind! It was unusual weather for Florida.

It hot during the day, but it got breezy and cool at night.
Now we are on our ship, the Ruby Princess, looking at the Island Princess.

While Lou was wandering around deck taking these pictures, Karen was doing laundry. Yes it's true -- even on vacation. We'd brought just enough clothes so that we had to wash what we wore in Florida if we were going to make it through the entire cruise with clean clothes. No ironing occurred; wrinkles are okay on the cruise ship.


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