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versy1.jpg (92859 bytes) Not a bad looking shack eh?  Versailles is just incredible.  No other castle or palace can touch the unbelievable wealth of Versailles.  Each room has lush carpeting and/or solid wood floors.  The walls are decorated with hand painted portraits.  Even the ceilings have full size hand painted murals.
versy3.jpg (98533 bytes) The doors are 3 to 5 inches thick.  The walls and moldings are accented with solid gold.  Ceilings are 20 to 25 feet high.  I lost track of the number of rooms.  There are 3 floors with 2 wings. 
versy2.jpg (136300 bytes) One wing of the top floor consist of rooms that bigger than my house!   These rooms are like art galleries.  The walls contain full size murals of Napoleon battle scenes.  I do mean full size.  Each mural is at least 30 feet high and 70 feet wide!
versy5.jpg (81624 bytes) The grounds consist of 25 acres of gardens, fountains, walk ways, and statues.  There is even a lake where the Kings road there boats.  We happen to be there on Sunday when they turned on all the fountains synchronized to classical music.
versy4.jpg (115200 bytes) These statues are full size.  Versailles was built in 1687.  I believe it took 30 years to construct the palace.  It was the third and final palace for the Kings.  It was built for King Louie the 14th.  King Louie the 16th was the last one to live there.  He was dragged out by the peasants and eventually decapitated along with Marie Ann Twanett.




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