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July 30, 2011

We were milling about in the Pinnacle Chapel on Deck 17, waiting for the festivities to begin. Here is a nice look at the white rose petals strewn along the white carpet for the Bride. At the last minute, someone added a lot of red rose petals as well. It was really pretty.

Here is Cindy's father, and his wife Shari.

We actually met Shari the night before. We had been hanging out in the patio bar at our hotel for a couple of hours when we heard the people at the next table call out greetings to a "Mary Grace."  We knew a Mary Grace was one of Cindy bridesmaids, and we figured that those folks had to be going to Cindy's wedding, because how many Mary Graces are there in South Florida after all?

Here is the Groom's side of the room. 

Mike (the Groom) looks a lot like his two brothers, Tom and John.

The Pinnacle Chapel is really very pretty.

The lady holding the white folder and shaking her finger at the photographer is the person who officiated the wedding. During the ceremony, she had an amazingly grave yet joyful way of speaking.

It was so cool for Karen to finally meet Cindy's Dad after hearing a lot about him over the years.

Lou of course had already met him.

The Groom stood watch by the door, waiting for the Bride.

Lou managed to videotape the entire wedding on his camera. We were honored to be sitting in the front row on the Bride's side, which gave him an awesome vantage point. So... it's impossible to take pictures during a wedding, so brace yourself. When you look at the next picture, it's already all over!

Woo Hoo!  They're Married!

Now you can see all the red rose petals. The funny thing is that all the ladies in high heels ended up with rose petals speared on their heels like shishkebabs.

Bridesmaids in a nice variety of blues: Tanya, Helen, and Mary Grace (left to right)

None of these ladies were singing the blues, though. Everyone was pretty happy for Cindy and Mike.

We hung out and watched the formal pictures being taken.

Brian looks like he could be in GQ, casually adjusting his cufflink like that.


Wedding Video

(Ginormous QuickTime Movie: 1.63 gigabytes)


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