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Saturday, Dec 22, 2007

William is an awesome young man.  It is always such a pleasure to speak and see him.  William is courteous, respectful, kind, funny, smart, and just a joy to be with.  Nice going Will!  Of course he needs to play less video games and study more science ;-)
Ginger the dog is pretty funny.  She can jump like a Mexican jumping bean.  She is obviously loved and spoiled.
See what I mean?  Her Cindy pampers her loved puppy dog Ginger.
While we were in the Caribbean, we picked up a few gifts for Cindy and the boys.  Here Cindy models her Christmas apron.  She looks great of course. 

Cindy as always carries herself with grace and charm.  Karen and I always enjoy Cindy's sense of humor.  Merry Christmas Cindy.

Ok, I said this puppy dog is spoiled.  How many dogs do you know that have a flower arrangements next to their food bowl?
As I said earlier, Will is just great.  Lou cooked the turkey.  As usual, once the turkey is cooked, you take it out of the oven and let it sit for 20 minutes before carving.  Well, Will saw the turkey and began to carve it before Lou had a chance to stop him.  Will did an awesome carving job.  Good work buddy.
Marla and Brian.  Nice work there Brian.  Looks like you got yourself a good one.  Of course this is not unexpected since Brian is made from the same stock as Will and Cindy.  We love to see Brian as he is such a wonderful young man.  Marla was a delight to meet.  What a nice young lady, and a Starbucks barista to boot.
FOOD!!!  Yum, more food.  Turkey, dressing, mash potatoes, and much more.  But wait, there is more!  Lots of desserts!  Apparently Will and Cindy really love to bake.  They did an awesome job.


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