Vienna August 23, 2015

In Vienna we went to the Ringstrasse (Ring Road), which replaced the city walls in the mid-19th century. We marveled at the city’s Baroque architecture, including the world-famous Opera House, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace. We spent 4 hours at Schönbrunn Palace, the “Versailles of Vienna,” erected in 1778 and graced by a number of formal gardens, Grecian statuary, the world’s oldest zoo and Roman ruins.  We also visited the Lipizzan stallions.

Video: Yodelers on VikingVa


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St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Hofburg Palace.

Exterior castle gate, Ringstrasse (Ring Road)

Austrian National Library

Spanish Riding School, Vienna. Home of the Lipazzan Stallions.

Lou outside of the Austrian National Library.

Josefsplatz (English: Joseph's Square) is a public square located at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

Named after Emperor Joseph II, Josefsplatz is considered one of the finest courtyards in Vienna.

Lipizzan Stallion! (Sorry but this was as close as we could get.)

Downtown Vienna

MacDonalds in downtown Vienna.

Is that guy photobombing Carol??

Schönbrunn Palace

Rear of Schönbrunn Palace


See the village of Melk.